Hey everybody! My name is J. David Osborne. I’m an author, editor, and the publisher-in-chief of Broken River Books.

I’ve been editing novels and short stories for the past five years.

To my mind, the barrier to getting your work cleaned up and ready for publishing is simply the cost. Most of us don’t have a couple grand to drop on every book. That’s why I’ve lowered my prices to something you can afford.

Most editing services will charge you anywhere between one and two cents per word. I’ve decided to cut mine down to a three quarters of a cent per word.

I believe in working hard to find the voice within your work. I believe in making your book the best possible version of itself.

On this site, you’ll have access to my CV, and an in-depth description of my services.

I’d love to work with you! Contact me at jdavidosborne@gmail.com for any and all inqueries.