Problem Solving/Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce your ideas off of. I’ve taken a lot of these calls, and we can usually untangle whatever problem you have with your work-in-progress in about thirty minutes. Plot issues, character problems, a nagging uncertainty about the direction or purpose of your writing, I’ve heard it all. What we’ll do is identify the problem (it’s usually not what you think it is), then we’ll back-and-forth on how to fix it. This process is useful. It’s why people have writing groups. But we don’t all live in a place where it’s possible to do that. So you have me.

I looked this shit up online, and people seriously charge up to $250 for a thirty minute “career coaching” call. That strikes me as completely insane. Time is valuable, but I don’t think it’s $250 valuable. This is about figuring out what the hell is wrong with your work in progress, then getting practical about it. $25 for a half an hour seems fine to me. E-mail to book.